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Based out of Boston, MA, Jukebooth is a full-service video production team that produces cutting-edge video content for high-profile brands such as Converse, Universal Music Group, and Reebok Spartan Race.


Formerly working as a group of independent creatives, the founders of Jukebooth decided to combine forces to play off each other’s strengths and offer a wider range of services. The challenge we faced when creating a new brand and identity system for the company was incorporating the individual characteristics of each of the parties involved to form a singular voice and aesthetic that was the sum of its parts.


With clients like The Dew Tour and G-Eazy, Jukebooth’s brand needed to be high-energy and youthful, drawing parallels to the artists, extreme athletes, and fashion-forward crowds that comprise their client base. We also discovered that many of Jukebooth’s competitors utilized a more buttoned-up approach when it came to their brands, so we knew this direction would stand out from the crowd.

The color palette we chose for Jukebooth makes use of bright, vibrant hues that catch the viewer’s attention and don’t let go. The contrast between the dark and neon colors makes the logo jump off the screen, and the use of neon teal shows that the company produces content that is both fresh and dynamic.


The brand we created for Jukebooth sets them apart from their competitors while letting clients know that they’re on the same page. We ensured the logo would work in a variety of formats by designing a standalone mark that fits perfectly into social media avatars, as well as a full lock-up that can be used for video intros and other applications. As mentioned above, the vibrant color palette evokes freshness and attention, while the slanted axis the logo is set on adds another element of speed and motion to identity, further emphasizing that the company’s main focus is producing dynamic videos.

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