Lou Jewels


  • Identity


Lou Jewels is a handmade jewelry line inspired by geometric forms and nature, finding beauty in the simple things. Instantly recognizable from the collection’s beautiful metalwork and minimal aesthetic, Lou Jewels has found its way into the hearts of indie jewelry lovers everywhere.


As name recognition grew for Lou Jewels’ distinctive collection, it was apparent that a strong identity was necessary to drive the company forward. The challenge was to create an identity for Lou Jewels that was as timeless and memorable as the beautiful simplicity seen in the company’s products.


We performed an audit of Lou Jewels’ process, examined the pieces contained in the collection, and spoke with the company’s passionate customers in order to form a strong vision for the identity, color palette, and typography. It was clear that we needed to create an identity system that exuded love and curiosity, while also paying homage to the simple, chic aesthetic seen in the jewelry.


From the logo mark to the high quality packaging that holds each piece of jewelry, we wanted to create an experience that radiated the core values of Lou Jewels. Much like each piece of jewelry that Lou Jewels creates, each aspect of the system was meticulously crafted and showcases the company’s passion and dedication to creating products that make people smile.

Below are various packaging and print material concepts that showcase the possibilities of the Lou Jewels brand ecosystem.

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