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Based in Dover, NH, Simple Health offers high quality natural health products and services to families interested in taking a holistic approach to improving their lifestyles. Simple Health focuses on naturopathic healing practices that are available both locally as well as nationally via telemedicine and consultations.  


Simple Health approached us looking to update their branding as they began to quickly expand to a much larger audience. Originally focusing solely on local customers, they knew they needed a brand that could appeal to a national audience once they decided to launch an online shop along with their new telemedicine consulting services.


After a comprehensive audit of Simple Health’s competitors, we discovered that many of those companies utilized busy designs, dated identity systems, and muddled brand messaging. To set Simple Health apart from its competitors and to usher in their new focus on using modern technology to reach a national audience, we created a brand that is natural, modern, and minimal.

The color palette we established utilizes natural, earthy colors juxtaposed against bright, attention-grabbing backgrounds. The bright background colors draw inspiration from the vibrant hues found in the fruit juices that Simple Health offers its customers.


Working directly with company stakeholders, we were able to re-align Simple Health’s brand to portray an image that says “natural, modern, health”. The new brand attracts a much wider audience and gives customers peace of mind when purchasing Simple Health’s products or telemedicine services.

The final mark features four leaf symbols organized into the cross shape that’s often associated with the medical field. The accompanying typography is both modern and friendly, appealing to the families that comprise Simple Health’s main customer base.

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