We all need a little inspiration from time to time, so we put together this list of some of our favorite inspirational quotes from famous designers. These are quotes that have inspired our design work, our business outlook, and our creative process from some of the most important figures in the design industry. Hopefully these inspirational design quotes are able to motivate you as much as they have us.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Dieter-Rams - Less But Better

“Less, but better.” – Dieter Rams

Words to live by in this inspirational quote from the master of minimalism, Dieter Rams. His honest, functional approach to design has been the single greatest influence on our work to this day. Rams is best known for decades of stunningly simple product designs for Braun and has influenced industrial design worldwide.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Paul-Rand - Point of View

“Design is a way of life, a point of view.” – Paul Rand

It’s important to view design as more than a commodity. Design surrounds us in everything we see and do, from the handle on your bedroom door to the packaging of your favorite health supplements. Paul Rand is an icon of the design industry and is best known for his brand identity designs for IBM, ABC, and UPS.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Massimo Vignelli - Forever

“If you do it right, it will last forever.” – Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli’s timeless work is a testament to this philosophy with many of his brand identities, posters, and other designs still in use decades later, such as the current logos for Ford and Knoll. Learn more about Vignelli’s works and creative outlook via his free e-book, The Vignelli Canon.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Michael Bierut - Simplicity Wit and Good Typography

“Simplicity, wit, and good typography” – Michael Bierut

A partner at the world’s largest independently-owned design studio, Pentagram, Michael Bierut is best known for his work for Saks Fifth Avenue, MIT Media Lab, and his series of design books. Bierut was able to sum up his three keys to a successful design quite nicely in this inspirational quote and no disagreements here. Creating design work that is honest, clever, and fundamentally sound is always bound to garner positive reactions. What are your keys to successful design?

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Aaron Drapin - Good Work for Good People

“Do good work for good people.” – Aaron Draplin

An inspirational outlook from the junk divin’, road trippin’, tale tellin’ man himself, Aaron Draplin. This is something we strive to do on every project, day in and day out. Draplin is best known for his larger than life personality, his design studio Draplin Design Co. (aka the DDC), and Field Notes (his line of sketchbooks).

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Designers - Ellen-Lupton - Think More Design Less

“Think more, design less.” – Ellen Lupton

We wholeheartedly agree with this inspirational quote from Ellen Lupton noting her focus on thinking more and designing less. All too often designers will rush to kick off a project and jump into Illustrator to start working on ideas. Utilizing a strategic framework, brainstorming the UX process, and problem solving before any design work begins can create powerful results that save both time and money. Try it!

Putting It All Together

We hope these inspirational quotes from famous designers are able to get you motivated and give you some ideas on how to approach your future projects. Whether you’re a graphic designer or the owner of your own business, utilizing big picture design thinking like this in your day-to-day will help take your work to the next level.

Ready to start integrating strategy, UX, and big picture design thinking into your business?